There are many ways in which you can get involved to help us and our partners to conserve and enhance the Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

You could volunteer with one of the many organisations who help to look after the Solway Coast and this could be anything from helping on sand dunes and peatlands, beach litter picking, archaeological digs, surveying plants and animals and much more. You can volunteer with the AONB Community Volunteer Group, just contact the AONB Unit in Silloth.

About the Solway Coast Volunteer Group

It is well known that being active and being outdoors benefits our health, so why not join the Solway Coast Community Volunteer Group.

The Volunteer Coordinator and the AONB Community Volunteer Group, work towards supporting and maintaining the Solway Coast AONB giving their time, support and commitment to help protect this unique landscape.

During the years the volunteers have worked on many projects in and around the AONB and often teaming up with other volunteer groups to share best working practice, ideas and forge new friendships on shared projects.

The Volunteer Group members come from a cross-section of the community - all ages from 11 to the active 70’s. They are people with a love and understanding of the Solway Coast AONB who want to help others to enjoy it too. They have a concern for the environment and support the work of the Solway Coast AONB Unit. With your help we can produce an informative newsletter packed with information and activities, provide the necessary training and support and keep you updated with work in progress and future projects in this and other AONBs.

Volunteer Activities

Some activities volunteers may be involved with include the following: Annual clearing of gorse, scrub and weeds from important historic sites such as the Mediaeval Saltpans near Crosscanonby and path clearance to the Roman Milefort 21 nearby on Swarthy Hill.

On Mawbray and Wolsty Banks Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) work goes on to improve the condition of the dunes. This includes removing overgrown gorse, litter picking, scrub cutting and boardwalk rewiring to prevent slips in the winter months. There is also the opportunity to paint the Solway Coast AONB signs around the area. The Volunteer Group monitors beach litter and organise litter picks on a regular basis.

The small nature reserve at Crosscanonby Carr, requires work such as boardwalk maintenance and rewiring, path tidying, seat varnishing, beck clearance, tree coppicing and general yearly maintenance. It is open to visitors all year round and its location is just off the B5300 (between Allonby and Maryport) turning towards Crosscanonby village.

Volunteers can also get involved in surveying wildlife, with regular bird surveys and natterjack toad surveys.

If you would like to become a Community Volunteer for the AONB, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator on 01697 333055 or write to:

The SCCVG Co-ordinator
The Solway Coast AONB
Liddell Street
Silloth on Solway

giving your name and address.


If you are interested, please get involved!
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016973 33055

Are you looking...

  • ... for a sustainable AONB, dedicated to conservation and encouraging agriculture, tourism and recreation?
  • ... to get involved and meet like-minded people who want to help the Solway Coast AONB environment?
  • ... to do your bit for the Solway Coast AONB communities, helping out with school and village projects?

... then the Solway Coast Community Volunteer Group could be for you!

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